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About us

Balloons with print has almost 10 years of experience in the production of balloons with logos and in pneumatic advertising. Baloons are our passion.

Our asset is creating original and spectacular advertising media, which work perfectly during events. If you are interested in advertising balloons the manufacturer will make sure they meet all of the expectations. The balloons have a significant influence on promoting the brand and the products on various kinds of trade fairs and mass events. We offer eye-catching inflatable balloons in diversified color variants, also latex advertising balloons, which enable to support a marketing campaign at little cost.

We own the machines of the latest generation, and thanks to that we are able to provide You durable advertising balloons because the manufacturer makes them with attention to every detail. Eye-catching imprints on latex balloons are our specialty, as well as other solutions used to promote a company, such as gates, poles, screens or tents, that represent the highest quality. You are welcomed to visit the gallery with our realizations to confirm that. We are trying our best so that our customers, in a short time, can receive the products of the highest quality and at a competitive price.

The inflatable balloons are an excellent way to promote a company. Thanks to their sizes and eye-catching designs they attract the attention and make a way for the brand to stand out. Our company uses the best materials during the manufacturing process, which guarantees that the inflated advertisement will not only be beautiful but also durable. Inexpensive, spectacular and very eye-catching advertising balloons are a simple way to support a marketing campaign. We offer various color variants and attractive imprints screen printed on one or two sides. We hold a high quality certificate for our advertising materials.