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Inflatable balloons

Inflatable balloons

Our company offers durable and elegant inflatable balloons. It is a great idea to use them for promoting a company or an individual product during events, trade fairs or sports events. Our inflated advertisement is of an excellent quality, the materials used for its manufacture prove it. Mostly they are supplied by Polish producers.

Inflatable balloons are sewn of polyester materials, with polyurethane or PVC shell. The last one holds the FR B1 incombustibility certificate. The imprint on our inflated advertisement is made in digital UV printing technology, which does not need extra protection against damaging radiation and weather conditions. The double seams are made from 100% polyester silk strands. They do not absorb water and that makes the inflatable balloons more resistant to tearing. Standardly, the poles and the inflatable balloons are equipped with internal LED lighting. Besides that, there are other products in our offer that make a way to effectively promote a company, like gates, poles and advertising screens.

The inflated advertisement has many advantages:

  1. Is easy and quick to install.
  2. There are no problems with its cleaning and maintenance.
  3. Has a big imprints area.
  4. Can have diversified colors and shapes.
  5. Is very durable, made of a fabric resistant to tearing.
  6. Can be equipped with striking LED lighting.
  7. Can be installed on different surfaces, also the hard ones.